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10/19/2014 Any Georgian in software field who can arrange an interview, I have 2
year experience in Java development. It would be nicer if the
company is at least CMM level 3. Please contact me on 8099006853 or
e-mail me at ashish.official@outlook.com Thank you.
Ashish Sharma [2318 - Dholpur]Login to Contact Ashish Sharma
10/2/2014 We are sad to inform everybody of the sad demise of Georgian Brig AR Sukhtankar
of Belgaum. He was ailing for some time now. We pray that Almighty grants him
eternal peace and that God gives his family the strength and forbearance to bear
the loss.
Ravindra Ghooi [983 - Belgaum]Login to Contact Ravindra Ghooi
10/28/2013 Dear Georgians,

As most of us know, a tragic incident occurred on 13 Aug 2013, in the Swimming Pool of Billabong School, Sect-34, Noida, wherein , SHIVESH BOSE son of Col Siddhartha Bose who was an experienced swimmer lost his life AT THE AGE OF 26 YEARS ONLY under MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES.

The matter was telecasted on most channels and found a place on the front page of all national dailies.

Col. Retd. Siddhartha Bose, who is an alumni of AJMER MILITARY SCHOOL BATCH OF 1961-68 and member of our Association was the father of SHIVESH BOSE. He resides in D-85, Nar Vihar-1, Sector 34, Noida. He can be contacted on Mob.9015213629 or Phone: 0120 4246905.

On 10 Nov 2013, Sunday, 90 days of the passing away of this young man who had a brilliant future lying ahead but cut short, perhaps due to utter negligence of the Swimming Pool Staff who were missing during the incident and could not render him first aid.

On this day, we plan to organise a Homage Ceremony’ on 10 Nov 2013 at 11:30 AM at Shaheed Smarak’ Sect -37, Noida (opposite Army Public School) where Shivesh studied .

We also plan to invite media to air our voice and anguish to bring JUSTICE TO THE DECEASED SHIVESH BOSE AND TO THE FAMILY WHO LOST THEIR SON .

Letters for seeking permission to organise the HOMAGE CEREMONY has already been delivered to DM Noida & SSP Noida, as well as, President AVRWA.

We appeal to all GEORGIANS to get together in strength to show STRENGTH, UNITY AND FRATERNITY amongst us. The cause is indeed very sublime but the issue is heart-rending. It would be a great honour to the deceased and fraternity if maximum Georgians attend the event with Friends & Families.

All views and suggestions are welcomed to assist us in bringing JUSTICE FOR SHIVESH BOSE

Rambir Singh Sangwan
General Secretary
Georgians Association Delhi (Regd.)
+ 91 989191 5454
Rambir Sangwan [2012 - Ajmer]Login to Contact Rambir Sangwan
10/24/2013 I want to surch for an old school friend Ranjit Singh Swroop who was with me between 1957 to 1965 in Chail in Nalanda house and he was in JK Rifles as Major in 1977 and posted in Nagaland. He is Jat from Rohatak. He is about 65 yrs old
kajal barua [202 - Chail]Login to Contact kajal barua
10/22/2013 Dear Georgians,
received LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD From the Hon'ble Governer of Punjab (
for all that he did in Punjab Public School Nabha, Mayo College Ajmer, Military
School Dholpur And Ajmer ) on 27th Oct.2013 in Nabha, Punjab.
Rambir Sangwan
General Secretary
Georgians Association Delhi- (Regd.)
Rambir Sangwan [2012 - Ajmer]Login to Contact Rambir Sangwan

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