Sunday , February 23 2020
Patriotic fervor amongst students reached crescendo during performance by Indian Army Band

Patriotic fervor amongst students reached crescendo during performance by Indian Army Band

The “Pipes and Drums Band” from 27 Madras Regiment, 9 Garhwal Regiment and 3/5 Gorkha Rifles performed at the Amity University with an aim to connect the armed forces with the masses and to motivate the youth to join the forces

The occasion provided the students a unique opportunity to listen to Marshal Tunes and music of unique dimensions. The Band won wide acclaim for their musical virtuoso, well synchronized moves, swiftness and agility.

Director General of Amity Indian Military Education Society, Lieutenant General B. K. Bopanna, said the defence forces are reaching out to the youth and masses across the length and breadth of the country in public places and educational Institutions in the run up to the Independence Day.

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He stressed that Infantry Arm of the Indian Army is not only known for its courage, valor and sacrifice but also providing peace and solace to the soldiers in war through their music.

Meanwhile, Major Pranav Upadhayay from 27 Madras Regiment said that the pipe band started from Scotland in 17th Century and the infantry soldiers that performed during the occasion are adept in music as well as providing medical assistance to the soldiers in the time of need.

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He shared that the defence forces have been actively pursuing the outreach programme conceived by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to bring youth closer to the valour associated with forces, thereby encouraging them to join the forces.

Major Srijith Menon from 27 Madras Regiment, Group Vice Chancellor of Amity Universities Major General (Retd.) K J Singh and Director of Amity Institute of Military College Brigadier S K Bahl were also present on the occasion along with other senior Directors and Institutional Heads.

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