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Georgian Association Representatives Meet Top Dignitaries In Delhi

Georgian Association Representatives Meet Top Dignitaries

Dear Georgians,

Yesterday Lt. General S.N. Handa and self (Lt. General Sumer Singh) had four successive meetings with Offg ADGMT (AE), Defence Secretary, Mr. Ashok Lavasa and Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat.

While a copy of the School Chronicle was presented to each of these dignitaries, opportunity was also taken to politely request and urge them to pursue the issues discussed during the CGC meeting of 28th December, 2018.

Happy to share that a very positive and reassuring response was received from each one of them.

Other priority issues, some of which as listed below, were also flagged to the COAS & Defence Secretary.

*Chief of the Army Staff (COAS)

The Chief was thanked for his very special care and concern for the Rashtriya Military Schools. His attention was particularly drawn towards the followings:

  1. Need to improve the numbers and caliber of the Academic faculty to help achieving the school objectives and thus meet the aspirations of the cadets and their parents and of course the organisational needs.
  2. Improve the auth / state of the Mechanical Transportation (Additional buses, Lt Vehicles, Water Bowser, Ambulance and tractor with Trolley)
  3. Provide additional quality infrastructure for lodging, dining and academics before increasing the school strength any further.
  4. Posting of an Alumni in the school staff.
  5. Taking over of buildings / assets created by the Alumni, by the MES for maintenance.

*Defence Secretary

In essence, need for corresponding increase in the strength of the Teachers from 22 to 31, Group C employees from 92 to 131, increased salaries of ad hoc teachers, (as already agreed in the CGC); posting of third Service Officers in the management, conduct of regular meetings of the CGC were some of the issues stressed upon.

We shall be talking about these and some other issues in due course!

Best Regards!

Sumer Singh

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