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Georgians Alumni Association

Minutes of GAA Executive Committee: February, 2018

Minutes of Meeting (MoM) of the executive committee of GAA held on 18th February, 2018 at DSOI Gurgaon

1. Address by the patrons

  • GAA has a great role to play to enhance the aura of the alma mater
  • Need to run the organisation by a code of conduct and to follow ethics
  • Proper coordination between the association and school authorities a must to conduct the smooth running of the association and its activities
  • At the end of the day – the welfare of the cadets and alumni should determine the agendas for the association
  • The cadets should feel motivated and be proud of the alumni

This is to apprise all,

2. As discussed in the AGM held on 4th February, 2018 – the executive committee was expended and following members were appointed (subject to approval by the AGM, if the need be)

  • Mr. Sunil Prakash
  • Mr Jitendra Sangwan
  • Mr. Ravindra Kajla
  • Mr Pawan Yadav
  • Mr Arun Bhaskar
  • Mr Bhawani Singh

3. Need to modify the present laws and bylaws to accommodate the following changes:

  • Registering it as a national body
  • Increase the membership to accommodate members from all over India
  • Integration of batch representatives to enhance their role in the association

4. Organisation of the Golden Jubilee year of AMSOBA

  • Organisation of round the year activities culminating on the annual day
  • A grand get together in the first or second week of April at Jaipur and involve as many Georgians as possible irrespective of the school
  • Co – ordinators for the above get together: Delhi: Mr Ravindra Kajla, Mr. Pawan Yadav and Mr. Rambir Sangwan. Jaipur: Mr. Arun Bhaskar and Mr. Bhawani Singh. Ajmer: Mr. Bhai Ashutosh and Dr Amit Garg
  • Other activities like blood donation camps and organisation of at least one event at Pentagular meet (to be held at Ajmer this year) and debates
  • A short marathon or car rally for a social cause

5. The activities to culminate on the Annual day of the alma mater with a get together of the silver jubilee batch and facilitation of distinguished alumni and war heroes or their families.

6. Generation of funds for the above activities – generous contributions were made by the executive committee members (list attached)

  • Rope in sponsors for various events
  • Any other possible sources to be looked at

7. The batch get together to be held in proper way – for the Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee batches one day prior to the Annual day.

  • GAA to invite the batches
  • All the arrangements of accommodation to be made by the association
  • Itinerary of the stay and various programmes to be finalized by the association in sync with the batch requirements and desires

NOTE: Since it’s the silver jubilee year of 1993 batch, so Mr. Deepak Dahiya was included in the executive committee to coordinate the activities between his batch and the association.

8. Since it’s a voluntary work (of the association) so expenses for the meetings and travelling to be borne by the individuals and not the association.

9. List of donations received for the golden jubilee celebrations:

  • General S N Handa: Rs. 11000
  • General Sumer Singh: Rs. 11000
  • Colonel D P Badsara: Rs. 11000
  • Lt. Colonel Jangbir: Rs. 11000
  • Colonel Rajveer Sangwan: Rs. 21000
  • Colonel Y. S. Yadav: Rs. 11000
  • Sunil Prakash: Rs. 11000
  • Rajesh Dahiya: Rs. 21000
  • Jitendra Sangwan: Rs. 11000
  • Ravindra Kajla: Rs. 11000
  • Pawan Yadav: Rs. 11000
  • Arun Bhaskar: Rs. 11000
  • Bhawani Singh: Rs. 11000
  • Dr. Mahesh Kulhari: Rs. 21000

The association extends its gratitude to the above contributors.

On a lighter note: On the suggestions of Ravindra Kajla; The executive committee meetings to be held at places which are quite and food and beverage are free of cost.

Concluded by vote of thanks and lunch (courtesy of Colonel Y. S. Yadav).

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Mahesh Kulhari

The Georgians Association Ajmer

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