Monday , March 8 2021
Georgians Alumni Association

Selection of Advisor cum Assistant to RMS Principals

Dear Georgians,

Consequent to the pn made to the Chief, there has been a follow up on the issue of an Alumnus being posted to the five Rashtriya Military Schools. Advance instructions have been issued by MT 15 that an Alumnus Lt Col on re-emp will be posted to the Sub Area controlling the school but his work place will be in the school. Even though his charter of duties is yet to be promulgated but essentially the focus would be works related i.e. to handle the new projects, maintenance works, spec repairs; besides being an asset to the Principal to render advise and assistance on any other issue for the management of the institution.

Here is an excellent opportunity that we have been looking for a long time; the involvement of the Alumni in the management of the Alma Mater. It may not be an ideal arrangement but the outcome would hugely depend on the quality of expert advice, maturity and commitment of the Alumnus being posted. In such maiden appointments, the correct choice / selection is paramount. Before the MS Branch issues posting based on the availability and individual’s recorded profile, could we suggest them some names of competent, committed and willing Georgians. Its imperative that this project succeeds to ally the apprehensions of the Principal. He should be a pillar of strength for the Principal and ensure that to begin with, the idea is in the best interests of the schools and highly workable.

Shall therefore request the fraternity to share the message in your Georgian batch / groups, seek the right Georgian and share his particulars ASAP.

Volunteer Georgians may please call up on Mobile 8107002333 or email at

With Best Wishes

Lt Gen Sumer Singh (Retd)
Georgians Association Ajmer

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