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Rashtriya Military School Bangalore Ex-Georgians Photo Gallery

Rashtriya Military School Bangalore

Bangalore Military School (Rashtriya Military School, Bangalore) is a residential school in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, established on 1 August 1946. Bangalore Military School is one of the only five institutions of its kind in India. The cadets enrolled in these schools are known as Georgians, after their founder father King …

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Georgians Associations

Georgians Alumni Association

‘Georgians Alumni Association’ ( is associated with ‘Rashtriya Military Schools’ only and stand alone effort of Amarjeet Malik (Ajmer Georgian) since 2005. ‘Georgian’ is a common term used by old students (Ex-students) of Rashtriya Military Schools (i.e. Ajmer Military School, Bangalore Military School, Belgaum Military School, Chail Military School and …

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